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How it works? 

We start by first understanding your ideas and plans, and help you select some designs for your project. Almost all specifications can be changed to your taste, and this includes your own furniture designs and ideas that we can make into a reality. It takes approx 12 weeks to manufacture the products, and is then ready for delivery. We also provide services where possible, to complement and help your project including interiors, fitting, decorating, and accessories depending on your requirements

If you're interested in placing in order, please contact us today to arrange a phone appointment for a free quotation

Delivery and Handling

Delivery and handling is offered by our partners that are able to ship in most countries. The typical period varies by country, and can take from 6-10 weeks. Once an order is confirmed, we will find the best possible way to ship the goods, and confirm the exact delivery and handling fee. 

Ethical and Sustainable 
We are an ethical and socially responsible business. All our wood is sourced sustainably from certified manufacturers. We ensure strict standards for our partners/suppliers where applicable, and take all available measures on health and safety of our employees. 

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